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Mid-Atlantic Up to the Minute News

Details on the upcoming Gore Races 2/28/2022

News from 1/2/2022:

Well mother nature has not been kind to us this year.   I don't think I quite remember a winter with this much crappy weather. 

We are moving the Hunter Mt GS Season Opener race, originally scheduled for January 7th, to January 14th.   We will plan on making it a two race GS.  It will still be on Eisenhower, so we'll still get to run a great race hill.  If you are signed up for the race on the 7th, and you are able to still race on the 14th, no action is required.  We'll transfer your registration over to that date.  If you are unable to race on the 14th, please unregister yourself. 

We are canceling the slalom scheduled for January 8th.  We would love to have moved it, but the following weekend is Martin Luther King weekend, and a Saturday race won't work.  You are welcome to unregister yourself for that race.  

We thought we might pull it off, but these last few days were the final deal breaker.  Warm temperatures, fog and rain are no friends of skiing.  There is just too much ground to make up in order to run a solid race.  

We hope to see you on the 14th and if you are still in the area, come out and race some Nastar on the 7th (weather permitting).  Racing is Racing to quote a famous racer.  

News from 12/19/2021:

Hunter Races: The cold weather is here.  The guns are blowing.  Sign up for the race so we can get a count and have an idea for planning purposes.  

Announcing Venue for the Eastern Regional Championships: We announced this past week that the Eastern Regional Championships will be held at West Mountain, NY February 17-20.  Kick off the weekend with GS training on Thursday, SG on Friday, GS Saturday and a great long SL on Sunday.  Sign up at  More details in our newsletter.  

NY Masters races: We are sad to say that NY Masters was unable to lock down a date with either Greek Peak, Labrador or Song Mt.  They are short on resources and the available dates just didn't work out.   Unfortunately Toggenberg was purchased by Song/Lab and promptly closed, so that is not an option.  So, we are hoping we can work something out for next year.   

News from 10/25/2021 :

Welcome to our new website.  We still have a bit more work to do, but we are close.  Please don't hesitate to provide us suggestions and feedback on anything that is confusing or that you would like to see improved.  If you have an interesting article you would like to have us share, please let us know.  Here's a few things: 

  • You can always return to the home page by clicking our logo in the upper left corner
  • The archive of our results is coming soon.  You'll also find our results once we have some races
  • Membership is open for those that want to join or renew their membership.  You'll see hints and tips in our latest newsletter.  Go to  There are three classes of membership.
    • A seasonal membership for $26.  We don't put margin on our race prices, so the dues allow us to cover operational costs, trophies etc. Please help us support ski racing.  It's a labor of love! 
    • A trial membership which is no cost.  This is really only for those that might be racing one or two races and want to try things out.  We ask that you join with a regular membership if you plan to do more than a race or two.
    • Secondary Membership - This is for members of other divisions such as New England that want to be counted in our overall scoring and compete on teams
  • As you use our new registration system on, please let us know if you see anything that might be confusing or that could be improved.  You'll see more function being added including the ability to register for our races, camps and the ability to buy a bib.  So stay tuned, it's coming soon.  
  • We are still working on our schedule.  You'll see a preview of that on our schedule page.  For whatever reason the mountains are a bit slower firming things up this year.  As things firm up, you will be able to register for the races on by clicking on the link shown in our schedule page.  It will take you to our registration system to register for a race.
  • Think about if you would like to form a team or participate in a team this year.  When you fill out your profile select your team, or if you want to form a new team, let us know and we'll get it in there.  It's a fun element.  This year's team champions were the Tri-State team. 
  • You might notice in our rules of competition that we have changed the criteria to qualify for the overall Foy Cup. The number of races counted is according to the formula (Total races in season / 2) rounded up to the next whole number.  If there is a tie after the best of number, finishes within the category the tie is in are taken into account ( i.e. class, discipline, overall).  A minimum of six races is required to qualify for overall scoring.  Should the weather in the season or other conditions dictate otherwise, the board may choose to adjust this number downwards.  The target is to have a minimum of just about one third of all scored races.  

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