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Mid-Atlantic Up to the Minute News

News from 9/19/2022 Membership is Open!!!  

Membership is open!!  We have kept our membership rate at $26 for the year.   A Mid-Atlantic Masters membership gives you early notice on activities that might have limited capacity such as camps.  It also allows you to qualify for season long scoring and to be part of a team.   We ask that anyone doing more than one weekend of racing get a membership.   We use the proceeds from membership to cover season long awards, expenses and any unforeseen cost overruns.  We honor other divisions memberships for races, but if you want to join a Mid-Atlantic team or be scored for the season, you'll want to get a membership.  So join us today, it will be the best $26 you've ever spent.  
To renew or join. 
1. Go to and login or if you are new to Masters & Mid-Atlantic, create an id. 
2. If you are renewing, first update your profile, with any new credit card information, update what season passes you will have for the season so you can potentially receive the passholder discount on a race.  You can update your profile, but selecting Racer profiles, edit and then at the very bottom update participant. 
3. Once your id is created and/or your profile is current, select event signup.  You'll see membership as a choice there.  There will be a waiver to electronically sign as part of your membership.  After agreeing to the waiver, you'll see your cart off to the right, select checkout or view cart and you can proceed from there.   



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