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Mid-Atlantic Masters 2023/2024 Rules of Competition

Membership Requirements

  1. Competitors are requested to join Mid Atlantic Masters at a cost of $30 per season.  Competitors must be members to qualify for the seasonal Foy Cup, class (age group), team, and family prizes.   
  2. Mid-Atlantic Masters will honor the memberships of other Masters organizations for race participation such as New England and NY Masters, however, you must be members of Mid-Atlantic to qualify for the seasonal scoring and prizes.  
  3. A US Ski & Snowboard Masters or junior membership is required to compete in any Mid-Atlantic Masters US Ski & Snowboard Sanctioned Race.  Season long or short term by the day licenses are available from US Ski & Snowboard.  There is a one event limit on short-term memberships.  An event is a series of races/training on three consecutive days.  US Ski & Snowboard full memberships qualify for ExpertVoice discounts.  This typically gives you up to 40% off key name brand sports and other gear. 
  4. There is a good guide on the US Masters site with US Ski & Snowboard license considerations, costs and directions at this link.  If you have any problems you can contact Member Services at 435-647-2666 
  5. Note, some races (such as Montage) are not US Ski & Snowboard Sanctioned, therefore you do not need a license for these races.  You can determine which races are sanctioned by looking at the race information on the registration page, or the schedule area of the website.  

Mid-Atlantic Masters Membership Benefits

Members of Mid-Atlantic Masters qualify for the following: 

  • Earning points toward the season-long Foy Cup and class (age group) awards and prizes
  • Winning awards and prizes at the Mid-Atlantic-Masters Championships
  • Ability to compete on a team and earn team prizes. 
  • Discounts from our sponsors (see MA Masters web page for more details) 

US Ski & Snowboard Association membership also offers a wide variety of discounts for members.  Benefits may be found at  

Entry Procedures, Fees and Deadlines  

  1. Online registration for all races may be completed at .   Racers should update their account with current credit card and email information at the beginning of each season.  New racers will need to create an AdminSkiRacing account prior to registration.  New and out of division racers should change to or select the “Mid Atlantic” Race series at the top of the home page.  There is no extra cost to use AdminSkiRacing—it is fast and simple.
  2. The cut-off for race entry is can be up to two days before the first race of the event (usually held over a weekend, but sometimes there are training days included in the event).  Start lists will be generated the night before the first day of the event, then posted at racer check in and on our race day communications application.  All racers should check in and review the start list for errors (and notify check in personnel, if necessary) by 8:15 am on race day.
  3. Day-of race registrations will NOT be accepted--you must register prior the published registration cut off date to be on the race's start list to compete.  If there is an emergency, contact us to see if there is a chance we can still get you on the start list.  Remember if it is a USSS sanctioned event, you'll need to have your license set up before you can be added.  If you are allowed by the race organizer to submit a late entry after the deadline has been reached, please be aware that a late fee of $20 will be charged.  Late submissions will be permitted only under extenuating circumstances.
  4. Please be sure that you have your US Ski & Snowboard license prior to the race.  There are instructions in the upper part of this document.
  5. If the race is cancelled prior to arriving at the mountain (e.g., due to weather), your credit card will not be charged.  If you cancel your registration prior to the cutoff deadline (i.e., typically two days before the first race or training day of the event), your credit card will not be charged.  If you do not cancel prior to the registration cut-off time, you will not be charged for the full race, but there will be a $20 DNS fee.  
  6. Competitors entered in a race can be viewed on prior to the race date.

Race Bibs

  1. Bibs are available for purchase through Mid-Atlantic Masters, through our Masters.Adminskirace site (you’ll see bib purchase option at the top of the event signup page).  A purchased bib will serve as your permanent bib and racer identifier for all regular Mid-Atlantic Races.  It is the responsibility of each racer to keep the bib in good condition, bring it to each race, and wear the bib during all races.  If you forget your bib, you will be issued a temporary; in this case, please advise the starter of your permanent bib number, so that your race times and scoring can be recorded accurately. 
  2. Out of division guests will be given a temporary loaner bib.  You may keep this bib for the entire weekend.
  3. Temporary bibs must be returned after the racer’s last race of the weekend.  A fee of $25 will be charged for unreturned bibs.  

Seeding (Start Order)

  • First and second run seeding (start order) will alternate between the oldest women and men’s classes through class 10, followed by all the remaining women’s and men’s classes--not alternating, from oldest to youngest.  If juniors are allowed to run on the hill, juniors U14 or less will run prior to all other classes.    The jury may change the start order at its discretion.  If a Mid-Atlantic Masters race is held concurrently with a US Ski & Snowboard Junior or open race, the Masters division will be scored as a separate race. 
  • First run seeding within classes will typically be by the order of signup, among those entries received by the entry deadline.  For multiday races, this order may be randomized rather than by order of signup.  Late entrants will run last in their respective classes.  Second run seeding will either be the same as the first run order for smaller races, or reverse order within age group for larger races.    

Course Specifications & Equipment

  • Race rules shall conform to all US Ski & Snowboard rules.  Courses shall meet the standard requirements for USSS Masters. 
  • Starting this season (2021-2022) it is NOW REQUIRED that Masters use helmets that meet the FIS standards for FIS and U.S. Ski & Snowboard Masters GS, SG and DH competitions. Helmets which meet the FIS standard have a sticker affixed by the manufacturer that states “Conforms to FIS Specification RH 2013”.  Helmets without hard ear covering are permitted for Slalom.

Individual & Team Scoring

Individual Scoring

Only Mid-Atlantic Masters* members may earn points toward the overall seasonal and class (age group) awards.  Foy Cup overall (top five men and top five women) and season-long class results (top three per class) will be determined by scoring the individual's "best of #" races identified as Mid-Atlantic points races (see below for the number of races that are counted).  To determine a racer's "best of #" races, overall points are used, not class points. Scoring is based on the Alpine World Cup point scoring system. *Member as of the last race weekend prior to the finals.

World Cup Point System
100 points for 1st place
80 points for 2nd place
60 points for 3rd place
50 points for 4th place 
45 points for 5th place, etc., through 1 for 30th place

Seasonal standings & Scoring
Number of "Best of #" races

  • The number of races counted is according to the formula (Total races in season / 2) rounded up to the next whole number.  
  • If there is a tie after the best of number, finishes within the category the tie is in are taken into account ( i.e. class, discipline, overall).
  • A minimum of six races is required to qualify for overall scoring.  Should the weather in the season or other conditions dictate otherwise, the board may choose to adjust this number downwards.  The target is to have a minimum of just about one third of all scored races.  


  • Unless announced otherwise, the Mid-Atlantic Masters Skiing Championship (end-of-season) Giant Slalom Race will be scored within predetermined ability groups, rather than by age groups.  You will be placed in an ability group based on your average handicap across all completed races. Start order will remain by age group, but scoring will be by ability.  The slalom race on Sunday will count as the first race for the next upcoming season.

Team Setup & Scoring

  • Teams consist of up to 12 racers per season. Rosters must be identified by the second weekend of racing for the season and will be finalized by team captains. Competitors should choose their team on their adminskiracing profile. If you are interested in starting a new team or being a team captain, please let us know via the contact form on this website or send us an email at [email protected] and we will get you set up. 
  • At each race, a team's top four finishers will be counted for the team score. Should a team not have enough finishers, ghost times will be used (the time of the slowest racer that qualified for team scoring for that particular gender, plus 30 seconds). Team scoring will be based on age and gender handicap points.  All team members must be members of Mid-Atlantic Masters or have a secondary membership if your primary membership is with another league.
  • Total seasonal scoring for teams is across all the races (which is different than the individual overall scoring). 

Other Scoring:

  • Family – There will be a seasonal award for parent(s) & child teams.  Either parent may race with their child, and the best races for each family will count towards the award.  
  • IronMan (person): An IronMan award will be presented to the person (man or woman) who completes the most starts for the season, and who has not yet won the award.  This award continues in memory of Fred Forbes, an avid racer who conceived the award.  Ski on Fred! 

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