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Getting Started

1. Sign up for Mid-Atlantic Masters Race Group    Startgate

  • Our dues are $26 
  • Membership is required to qualify for seasonal scoring & awards and team competitions
  • If you are a renewing member, you will need to update your credit card info for the year
  • Join our email list for information updates and the latest news
  • Sign up for Mid-Atlantic Membership on AdminSkiRacing
  • Plan your race schedule.
  • If the race is a US Ski and Snowboard Sanctioned race you will need to get a license as outlined in step 2 below.

2. Join the US Ski & Snowboard organization.

There are two options available.

  • Full Seasonal License
    • Includes membership in Expert Voice which offers 30-70% discounts on industry brands
    • A full license is required to compete in National, FIS and Eastern Region Championships.
    • Safe Sport training is not required for a base Masters license
  • Short Term (Per Day) License
    • Limited to 1 event (up to three days) per season
    • Purchase can be applied to full masters membership later in season
    • Not eligible for regional and national events
    • Must be purchased online prior to race day

You can check out your US Ski & Snowboard membership choices in more detail here. For any problems or to upgrade/add to a Full Masters Membership,contact Member Services by phone on 435.647.2666 or chat at They are great!!

3. Sign up for a Race

  • Signups for all races are via AdminSkiRacing, select Mid-Atlantic Masters as your race series
  • You have until noon the day before the first race of the weekend to sign up or to unregister to avoid a no show fee.

4. Check your gear and Learn the basic Rules

5. Attend a Race!

  • Race Information sheets will be available on AdminSkiRacing for each race, information on lodging is on our web page
  • Race bibs are available for purchase on AdminSkiRacing, we will provide a loaner bib to anyone that does not have one
  • Arrive early to check in & inspect the course